Charge Air Coolers

Charge Air Cooler Installations in Calgary

Improve horsepower and the fuel economy of your vehicle with the installation of a new charge air cooler from City Wide Radiator. Just like other engine components, your charge air cooler is susceptible to unwanted wear and tear over time. Heat stress and vibration take a toll which results in leakage and reduced engine efficiency.

We supply high-quality cooling systems that will enhance the performance of your automobiles. Our full-time technicians are equipped with the skills to carry out efficient charge air cooler installations. Apart from that, you can also get your cooling systems repaired with us. Rest assured, we will ensure you receive prompt and reliable services for your charge air coolers in Calgary.

Our Charge Air Coolers Services

If you drive in or around Calgary, ensure your air cooling needs are being met. Call or stop by our 12,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art service centre for friendly advice, comprehensive coverage, and reliable Dura-Lite™ products are available for most applications.

City Wide Radiator will ensure your new charge air cooler is ready to handle your daily requirements. As such, we offer:

  • Quick installations for reduced costly downtime

  • Factory-backed warranties

  • North American warranty coverage
    7-year/1,000,000-mile warranty on most Dura-lite products

  • Product coverage for 600 diesel production parts

  • Improved performance that can save you around $4,420 per year

Not only do we sell charge air coolers, but we also provide the following:
  • Quality repairs

  • Chemical cleaning and testing

  • New cores

Don’t push your equipment beyond its capacity; ensure its continued smooth operation with well-functioning charge air coolers (and more) from City Wide Radiator.

How Does the Cooling System Work?

The charge air cooler works on the same principle as radiators or heat exchangers. Air on its way to the engine first passes through the turbocharger, where it is compressed using exhaust gases. The compression of the air increases its temperature. To bring down the temperature of the air before it enters the engine for combustion, a charge air cooler is used.

Charge air coolers are units that come with tubes and fins. These units are made up of materials that qualify as good conductors. Therefore, when hot air passes through these charge air coolers, there is quick dissipation of heat, and the air reaches ambient temperature.

Thus, a charge air cooler effectively cools the engine inlet air for improved fuel combustion.

Do Charge Air Coolers Need Replacement?

Wear and tear, breakdown, and failure are common to charge air coolers, just as they are to every other engine component. Air cooler leaks are the primary reasons for the failure of charge air coolers. In the case of leaks, the performance, and fuel efficiency of every engine is severely impacted. In some cases, engine horsepower can even decrease by 50%. To prevent such inefficiency, replacement of charge air cooler becomes important.

Detecting a leak in the charge air cooler can be difficult. Some signs that point at a possible failure of the unit are: 

  • Increased fuel consumption

  • Increased particulate emissions

  • Increased temperature of coolants

  • Failure of the turbocharger

  • Massive horsepower loss

The constant exposure to stress, vibrations, and overheating takes a toll on the charge air cooler units to cause failure. Most charge air coolers need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.

If you are looking to replace your charge air cooler in Calgary, consider City Wide Radiator Ltd.

Can Charge Air Coolers Be Serviced?

Yes, it is possible to provide preventive maintenance for the cooling systems. The impact on charge air coolers makes them vulnerable to failure. However, timely maintenance and repairs can extend the lifespan of charge air coolers to a certain extent. When you get the air cooler cleaned and serviced regularly, detecting an air leak is much easier. In fact, air leaks can be detected before they can cause much damage, thereby saving you costly replacements.

At City Wide Radiator can get reliable maintenance services for your charge air cooler in Calgary. 

Charge Air Cooler Installation and Maintenance

We are recognized service providers in Calgary for your charge air cooler installation and servicing needs.