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Industrial Radiators

Reliable Industrial Radiators in Calgary

If a failed or leaking radiator has stalled your work production, you require a quick and confident fix to get your equipment back up and running. Get the advice you need from City Wide Radiator’s seasoned service technicians. From inspections to replacement radiator cores, our Calgary crew will accommodate your needs with the utmost efficiency. We have access to the parts you need as well as the space to carry out work on the largest scale.

No matter what sector you are involved in, City Wide Radiator’s skilled expertise and access to parts has benefitted a variety of customers, including those involved in:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Recreation
  • On-and off-road vehicles
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Trucking
  • Automotive work

Radiator service is the “core” of our business. Our large and well-equipped facility ensures that your job is getting done in an efficient manner and that your equipment in for repair is properly housed and treated. Our safety-conscious work environment is conducive to employee safety and productivity to make sure that your industrial radiators do not halt your business. Our commitment to employee safety is evident in the fact that our experience modification rate is very low compared with current industry standards. We have monthly safety meetings using training modules, and each employee is tested to assure an understanding of the material. We deliver the results you need to stay operational.


Know the Problems

The radiator is an essential part of a cooling system, but can you spot the signs that the radiator is failing? You need a professional mechanic to assist you, but to be able to spot the symptoms of a bad radiator will help you call the experts much earlier. Here are a few reasons that cause a radiator to fail:

  • Overheating engine

When your engine starts to overheat, you know there is a problem. When a defective thermostat no longer opens, the engine will overheat and cause a breakdown.

  • Blockage of exterior fins

Radiators need maximum airflow for proper cooling. If these fins become clogged by debris, leaves, bugs or dirt, airflow can become compromised. The coolant can’t go down in temperature as it should.

  • Corrosion

Corrosion in radiators normally occurs as the result of the incorrect additive concentration in the coolant water, or absence of an additive in the coolant. Corrosion commonly takes place in the areas where the plastic reservoirs are crimped onto the aluminum core, but it can affect any part of the radiator. In most instances of corrosion, the damage cannot be repaired reliably, and the radiator must be replaced.

  • Perforations

A stone or other debris that is thrown up can penetrate the radiator causing a leak. Replacing the radiator is usually the only reliable, long-term remedy.

  • Excessive vibration

The radiator can be subjected to excessive levels of vibration if radiator mounting brackets/rubbers/bushings are worn, damaged or broken. Over time the vibrations can lead to fluid leaks between the plastic reservoirs and the aluminum core, making replacement of the radiator the only remedy.


Industrial Radiator Services in Calgary

We provide a variety of highest quality services with the fastest turnaround to benefit our industrial customers, including:

  • Aluminum radiator repair
  • Cleaning and maintenance of all industrial radiators
  • Repairs for L&M radiators
  • Copper Core radiator repairs
  • Custom-built products & solutions

We offer an extensive inventory of industrial radiators and cooling parts in Calgary. Our sales team can help you find the right radiator for the right price whether you need one part of a regular supply of parts.

The technical knowledge of our technicians is unrivalled so whether you need radiator repair, radiator services or help to choose the right AC parts, we can help.


Our highly skilled technicians will accurately diagnose problems affecting your radiator or heat exchanger and provide cost-effective solutions that get your heavy equipment back to optimal performance. Maximize your productivity with us. Request a quote or give us a call with any questions you may have.

We deliver the results you need to stay operational. Maximize your productivity with our help.

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